Frequently Asked Questions

What leasing options are available?

Bayou Shadows offers 6, 9, and 12 month leases. We also offer short-term leases for a monthly premium. A 3 month lease is offered with a monthly premium of $100, a 2 month lease option with a monthly premium of $200, and a 1 month lease with a monthly premium of $300.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st and is considered late after the 5th of the month.

What utilities are included in the rent?

Water, sewer, trash, & pest control are included in the monthly rent.

What costs are not included in the rent?

The expenses for electricity through Lafayette Utilities System and gas through Sub Meter One are not included in the rent. The monthly gas bill is based on the square footage of your apartment and the price of natural gas and is not based on usage. Cable and internet are also not included in your rent.

What are the hours of the Fitness Center?

6:00AM-10:00PM daily.

What are the hours of the Pools?

Due to COVID-19, the Pools are currently open during Office Hours only. Once restrictions are lifted, pools will be open from 8:00AM-10:00PM

What internet service options are available?

Bayou Shadows is a Cox Quick Connect community. Your apartment home will come with a modem already in it and you will be able to quickly sign up for internet services through the Cox Quick Connect website. Your first month of Preferred Internet is free for utilizing this excellent service!


Does this community have a pest control service?

Yes, we spray each apartment home on a quarterly basis. Additional pest control services are always available by request.

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

We take great pride in our fast response to Emergency Maintenance issues. The following Emergency Service Requests will be responded to after hours:

  • Failure of air conditioning and temperature exceeds 78 degrees.

  • Failure of heating system and temperature drops below 60 degrees. 

  • Clogged toilet in an apartment home with only 1 bathroom.

  • Overflowing plumbing fixtures.

  • Complete loss of water supply or complete loss of electricity. 

  • Water leaks causing severe flooding in the apartment. 

  • Refrigerator/Freezer failure. 

  • Sparks and/or smoke from electrical fixture or outlet. 

  • Suspected gas leak.

  • Failed lockset, jam, or strike plate for exterior doors. 

​​​If you have one of the above issues, please call 337-572-4131. Give your name, apartment home number, and a phone number where you can be reached. The manager on-call will contact you for repair work to be completed.

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

We are proud to provide courtesy patrol services through Signal 88 of Lafayette. They will respond to noise issues during the hours of 6:00PM-6:00AM. You can reach them by calling 337-541-9122. If the noise issue is occurring during the day, please contact the Information Center so that we are able to promptly address it.

What is the parking situation?

Each apartment home has one covered parking spot assigned to their apartment home. The parking spot is labeled with the number of the apartment home. Any uncovered parking spots are for additional residents and guests to park in. We also offer additional covered parking spots for $10/month.

Is there public transportation nearby?

Yes, there are bus stops for Lafayette Transit within walking distance of our property.

What school district serves the community?

Lafayette Parish is the school district serving Bayou Shadows. We are currently zoned for S.J. Montgomery Elementary School, Lafayette Middle School, & Lafayette High School.

What appliances are included in the apartment home?

Apartment homes come fully furnished with a stove/range, dishwasher, and refrigerator. We also offer units with washers and dryers included.

What kinds of washer and dryers do in-apartment hookups accommodate?

Our washer and dryer hookups will accommodate a regular side by side washer and dryer set. The hookups for the dryer will accommodate an electric dryer.